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What You Need to Know to Adopt a Passive Income Mindset

What You Need to Know to Adopt a Passive Income Mindset

Plenty of people like the idea of making passive income. However, not many try to turn that dream into a reality. That’s often because they simply don’t know how. There are many more passive income strategies out there than you may have considered. However, it’s understandable if you feel you lack the resources or expertise necessary to implement some of these.

That’s why it helps to learn what financially successful people do differently. By studying the habits of those who have managed to earn substantial money via passive income strategies, you can boost your own odds of success.

Specifically, the following are key habits worth keeping in mind:

Constantly Learn

Many passive income strategies require you to have specialized knowledge. For instance, you could earn money passively by investing in the stock market or real estate. However, you run the risk of making poor investments if you dive in without any experience.

Another way to earn passive income is to write and publish an ebook. That said, you might not have any unique knowledge in a given subject to write a book that offers genuine value to customers.


That’s why people who study the habits of the rich point out that constantly learning is crucial. The more information you absorb and put into practice, the greater the odds you’ll learn something that can translate into a profitable passive income stream.

There are many ways to ensure you’re always learning about new topics. Of course, reading books and articles that interest you is key. However, you can also listen to podcasts, watch documentaries, attend lectures, take courses in person or online, and even interview people you admire to find out how they attained success. People who get rich from passive income are often the type of people who don’t believe they should stop learning just because they’re no longer full-time students.

Spend Time with the Right People

Don’t overlook the importance of that last tip about interviewing other successful people. The people with whom you spend your time can have a significant impact on your overall mindset. If you surround yourself with people who are skeptical about the idea of earning money passively, they’ll influence your own attitude.

However, if you strive to develop relationships with passive income earners, you’ll learn from them, and you’ll benefit from their positive attitude. You’re simply more likely to pursue your goals if you spend time with people who support them.

Constantly Come Up with Ideas

Successful entrepreneur James Altucher went through a dark period in his life after squandering away a fortune. However, he pulled himself out of this dark time (and became rich once again) by adopting certain key habits.

One of them was simple: every single day, he made a point of coming up with 10 new ideas. Sometimes he would focus on coming up with 10 ideas for businesses. Sometimes he would try to come up with 10 ideas for books he could write. Altucher explains that the goal was essentially to exercise his mental muscles.


You might think you can’t come up with a passive income idea. However, that could be because you haven’t committed yourself to doing so. Yes, it can be difficult to come up with 10 new passive income ideas a day.

However, the point is to work through the process the same way you would work through an exercise routine. It will get easier eventually. More importantly, if you stick with it, it will start to yield results.

Turn a Challenge into an Opportunity

Passive income guru Pat Flynn has made millions teaching people how to earn money on the side. However, he wasn’t always a major success. He started out as an employee at an architecture firm looking to boost his income.

He decided to pursue a certification that would make him more valuable to employers. Because the test for the certification is notoriously difficult, he created a blog detailing his study habits. The blog became popular, and he monetized it with ads and an ebook.

He simply took a challenge (studying for a difficult test) and found a way to make a profit from it. You can do the same. For example, maybe you have no experience as an artist, but you’ve always wanted to learn to draw.

You can document the process via a blog or YouTube channel. This will help others with no experience learn to draw as well. Build a following, and you can earn money on the side via ads or an ebook, just like Pat Flynn did.

Again, earning a passive income is not impossible. You just need to adopt the right mindset. These tips will help.

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